5 major problems the global logistics industry is facing

Logistics is a huge industry. There are many challenges facing this industry today. Here are some of the major issues mentioned below.

Changing customer needs

Now logistics solutions must be tailored to the customers’ needs. There should be full transparency in orders and all stages from raw material stage to the final sale must be visible. Reverse logistics is used by many. It is a challenge to keep up with the good quality services as there are so many factors involved.

On time delivery

It is a challenge to provide on time delivery in the logistics industry. In the case of vessels, it takes months to discharge. Air cargo takes less time, but they are expensive.


There is a lack of infrastructure. Many terminals are trying to make room for large vessels. This is causing congestion problems. If these infrastructure issues are not resolved fast, we will continue to have congestion problems.


In the U.S, there is overcapacity in ocean shipping and tightening capacity in domestic shipping. So, freight rates are increasing. There is also aging workforce and increased regulations that are increasing the cost.


Security is a major concern in this industry. Goods are passed from one provider to the other. They are kept in local warehouses and then delivered by truck. So, security is a big problem.

The logistic industry is trying to solve these issues to make their system more efficient. They are trying to improve the quality of service, provide on-time delivery, reduce cost and provide a high level of safety.

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