There are a number of different logistic requirements in airports. We go to different airports in the U.S. and provide logistics solutions for them. Here are some of the important services we provide.

Air cargo handling

We provide systems and machinery for the manual and automated handling of air cargo. We equip small depots, implement automated cargo hubs, etc. We provide one-stop solutions to air cargo terminals.  We tasks include storing, transporting, repacking, etc.

Baggage handling

We provide efficient baggage handling and sorting solutions for our clients. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing system. We work with our clients closely during the all the phases of the process.

Parcel handling

We are efficient in handling parcels and letters that are sent by air. We have to deal with it on a regular basis. We have space-saving system and we provide emphasis on quality and reliability. We use an automated system to sort parcels and envelopes.